January 10, 2012. From “This Week In Music History” – an article from Ethlie’s days as a rock journalist… and an insight as to why she is no longer a rock journalist.

1985: Van Halen Breaking Up? Eddie Wants to Play Jazz, David Lee Roth Going Solo
Is “1984” – the album, the year and the tour, the last for Van Halen? Rumors are rampant that it’s curtains for the band. Reports that Eddie Van Halen wants to play jazz and that David Lee Roth wants a solo career have fueled the speculation. Roth addresses the issues with Billboard’s Ethlie Ann Vare. “I don’t know,” he shrugs. “Since my very first days with the band 11-years ago, I have always had the feeling that one day I would wake up in a cold hotel, all the rooms would be empty, and I would be stuck by the phone with a busy signal.”

Roth tells Vare that his solo EP, “Crazy From the Heat,” is not an indication he’s going out on his own, that he recorded the four-song set to keep busy while the group recuperating from its recent world tour. “We’re going to start arguing again in the middle of January,” he laughed, adding that he has heard some great music coming out of Eddie’s studio.

A week after Vare’s story ran in Billboard, the first single from Roth’s EP debuted on the Hot 100. His remake of the Beach Boys’ “California Girls,” with Carl Wilson on backing vocals, peaked at No. 3 in March. A medley, “Just A Gigolo/I Ain’t Got Nobody,” reached No. 12 in June.

Less than four months after Vare’s article was published, Roth split from Van Halen.