Ethlie Ann Vare

Book Reviews

Reviews for "Woof"

"A beautiful book. Ethlie Van Vare's WOOF! captures that rare relationship where we allow others to be themselves and find ourselves in the process.There is something deeply personal at work here, bringing us into Laszlo's world with a simplicity and economy that speaks volumes."
- Brad Koepenick, California Charter Teacher of the Year

Reviews for "Love Addict: Sex, Romance and Other Dangerous Drugs"

“Vare's humorist style takes the reader on a journey through love addiction throughout the ages and explains the science behind it.... Easy to understand and fun to read."
- Counselor Magazine
“This book is awesome!!!!!”
- actress/comedian Margaret Cho
"Smart, funny and readable… Combined memoir and fact in a groundbreaking way”
- Alexandra Katehakis M.F.T.
“Some of the anecdotes in this book are funny. Others are just tragic. This book sheds light on one of the fastest growing addictions in our society.”
- Blush Magazine

Reviews for "Patently Female: From AZT to TV Dinners, Stories of Women Inventors and Their Breakthrough Ideas"

"In their sequel to Mothers of Invention, Vare and Ptacek explore female innovators' role history has often failed to record, let alone reward. The book's lighthearted, colloquial style makes it ideal for classrooms."
- Publishers Weekly
"Vare and coauthor Greg Ptacek are enamored of inventors and their amazing stories of perseverance. An informal sequel to Mothers of Invention (1988), "Patently Female records some improvement in the recognition of women innovators, a development they're determined to encourage, and their conviction infuses their book with energy and pride."
- American Library Association

Reviews for "Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda: The Broken Places"

"Vare, former staff writer for the Andromeda TV show, and Morris have the characters down cold in this rip-roaring adventure."
- Kristine Huntley, Booklist
"A fast-paced space romp, the second novel based on Roddenberry's Andromeda. Fans of the TV show will enjoy this." - Publishers Weekly
- Publishers Weekly

Reviews for "Mothers of Invention: From the Bra to the Bomb, Forgotten Women and Their Unforgettable Ideas"

“Wonderful - a book to be dipped into and sampled at one’s leisure”
- Chicago Weekly
“This fascinating volume will find a place in the browsing sections of both adult and YA collections. Recommended.”
- Library Journal
"It's a fascinating and gratifying book. It's a book not to be read all at once, but to be dipped into, to be shown to your friends and your kids and to be applied lightly to the knuckles of those who ignore the contribution of innovative women." Original article can be found: here
- New York Times

Reviews for "Adventurous Spirit; A Story about Ellen Swallow Richards"

"An interesting, accurate portrayal of the scientist's life. In this readable biography, Vare traces Richards's youth, education, and career as a chemist. Youngsters will enjoy reading about the struggles and successes of this noted environmentalist."
- School Library Journal

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